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On March 2, 2016, ‘kehlsteinhaus’ wrote by way of introduction to IM that he was 22yo, unemployed, and interested in creating an Australian version of NA. Originally from Perth, he now resides in Melbourne. ‘kehlsteinhaus’ also claims to have been a ‘communist’, a ‘democratic socialist’, to have attended meetings and rallies organised by Socialist Alternative, but most recently to have been involved with the UPF. And, like Blair Cottrell and Neil Erikson , he also claims to be a member or former member of the Melbourne-based neo-Nazi grouplet ‘Nationalist Alternative’ (NAlt). According to ‘kehlsteinhaus’, ‘Blair and Thomas [Sewell] are full 14/88. I’ve met and talked to them in person many times. They’ve recently converted [Chris] Shortis, who now thinks Hitler was right about pretty much everything. [Scott] Moreland [sic] is shit. [Dennis] Huts is a mixed bag.’

Earlier in the week, superintendent Zach Reineking told USGA officials that if rains came, those tall fescues would lay down, rendering them unplayable. The irrigation system isn’t directly to blame. The spray heads are set inwards to keep the main spray away from peripheral roughs. But in a region where winds can vary despite prevailing from the west, drift from the sprinklers is inevitable. And when the areas near to fairways and shorter roughs get wet like that, they pose the danger of a lost ball for a golf shot that is only marginally offline.

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Aesthetics crew steroids

aesthetics crew steroids


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