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While she inspects the women's restroom, Dennis and Mac transport some of the steaks into the office to contaminate them with chicken feathers and re-package them via vacuum sealer (their scam involves them returning the steaks for cash.) Charlie moves the delivery guy to the bar to pose as a patron and asks Dee to move the dumpster 6 inches. He shows the inspector the back alley and moves the delivery guy into Paddy's office. He then shows the inspector the bar, which she finds very clean. As she inspects, Mac and Dennis move all the chickens and re-packaged steaks back into the truck.

It’s shocking for a lot of reasons. While the episode walked the signature Sunny line of offensive and meta-offensive, the sunny (if you will) musical conceit—tunefully continuing while Charlie writhes bleeding out on the ground—doesn’t prepare us for it. But it’s the one, brief flash from the cops’ point of view right before they pull the triggers that really does it. We’re used to seeing Charlie (and the rest of the Gang) take often bloody comic abuse and laughing at both the moral comeuppance and the exquisite execution of the gag. Here, we get just a glimpse of young Charlie (AJ Hudson looks about 10) being graphically shot multiple times in the chest before it’s our Charlie on the sidewalk, still keeping up the harmony in his screams as the rest of the Gang sing, desperately, “We’ve learned our lesson and we want to go home.” (“Our white home!” “Just say home!”)

Always sunny charlie takes steroids

always sunny charlie takes steroids


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