Bcaa while on steroids

Both humans and rats were tested for prevalence of BCAA signatures leading to insulin resistance. Human subjects’ body mass index was compared to concentration of BCAAs in their diet, as well as insulin resistance level. It was determined that subjects considered obese had higher metabolic signatures of BCAAs and higher resistance to insulin than those lean individuals with a lower body mass index. [12] In addition rats fed a diet high in BCAAs had increased rates of insulin resistance and impaired phosphorylation of enzymes within their muscles. [12]

Worth it? As with all PF products, Advance BCAA’s are the highest quality anywhere and yes they came down in price big time which we can all appreciate. The only problem that arises is that it could be redundant. I take PeptoPro (PP) 2x per day and after speaking with Alex, PP already has naturally occurring BCAA’s just like whey protein. Here is the problem. PeptoPro is the best protein on the market by far and is expensive. I don’t mind paying for it because it works and mixes perfectly with water. BUT, if I would have known that Advanced BCAA’s would be redundant then I could have spent my money on PP and gotten another month of use for the same price without sacrificing any performance gains. This is not PF fault. I was just in need of some education. If you are already taking a whey protein supplement, I don’t think this product is necessary. That being said, if you still want the highest quality protein, look no further than PF. Was this review helpful to you? 0 of 0 people found this review helpful

Bcaa while on steroids

bcaa while on steroids


bcaa while on steroidsbcaa while on steroidsbcaa while on steroidsbcaa while on steroidsbcaa while on steroids