Dog died after steroid shot

Butch is a rescued Malamute and golden lab. tested positive for heartworms and I was told if the worms were not stage 5 he could be treated. The tests were done and Butch was treated. He ended up with his salivary glands infected and severe pain. He went back for a stay at the vet and was sent home again and now we are being told that he has a blood clot and he is dying and the vet said we should put him down? Why would he have us go through with the treatment to tell us that? The dog has lost alot of weightand his equilibrium seems to be very bad, he can only walk so far without coughing and falling over. Help us Please.

Unfortunately cancer doesn't follow many rules about how it responds to things. My second rottie B'Elanna had paraneoplastic syndrome with immune-mediated hemolytic anemia, a very similar condition. We thought she just had IMHA until her stomach literally fell apart. She responded to treatment (she was on prednisolone, azathioprine, doxycycline, and azithromycin for suspected Bartonella infection) slowly for about a month, then just crashed and burned. We thought it was a perforated ulcer due to the pred, but the surgeon said her whole stomach was very friable, and biopsy results which came up a week after she died said she had cancer. We tried to get her stomach back together, but she had post-surgery complications (pulmonary thromboembolism, probably stomach fell apart again), so I had to euthanize her.

Dog died after steroid shot

dog died after steroid shot


dog died after steroid shotdog died after steroid shotdog died after steroid shotdog died after steroid shotdog died after steroid shot