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Still, this changing perspective on how abruptly life can get up and dust itself off may bring some relief to those worried that the ongoing, humanity-driven extinction event might permanently disrupt life itself. But, it’s not just that “life, uh, finds a way” , the survivors find a way, and they make a new world alien to the one that came before. The question that should probably haunt humanity isn’t whether or not there will be survivors on the other side of the next mass extinction, but just how many species will get left behind.

A new study published on July 20 in Current Biology suggests that elephant seals are able to recognize the tone and rhythmic patterns of their rivals’ calls. Just as it is with people who squabble online, maintaining dominance is very important to elephant seals’ social order. A team of researchers spent weeks studying an elephant seal colony in Año Nuevo State Park, California, where they were able to identify the alpha male and record his call. The team changed the rhythm and timbre of the call, and presented two modified versions back to the seal colony, in addition to the original.

Over the years since 2002 I have had a hip replacement (AVN after hit by a car) several years later the other hip was replaced due to OA, 2012 was my first knee replacement and 2014 my second (both done at NE Baptist hospital in Boston) Significant pain pre and post replacements. Relief was obtained with Vioxx,
(until off the market) then ibuprofen, tylenol PM at night. Opioids prescribed post op but not used after 2-3 weeks home. I was never told not to take ansaids nor that my healing was less then what was expected. I returned to my job as homecare case manager after all surgeries within 12 weeks, lots of physical activity required. Always x strength tylenol suggested (never effective for me)
! month ago I underwent back surgery . Discharged on neurontin and roxicet and of course x strength tylenol. Pain has been hard to control (developed sciatic pain especially at night) Calls to MD resulted in increased dose of both neurontin and opioids. Also using ice and topical ointments with some short term decrease in pain. While using cane for balance I injured my rotator cuff L shouider. I was told by my surgeon absolutely no ansaids. Finding this incredibly difficult and started looking for articles and information on this as it has such an impact on pain management and recovery. Ambulation and sleep are
difficult as are ability to stay positive. I found this article helpful and hope there is indeed more research going on. Thank you for this site Pam

Gn anabolic mass 2

gn anabolic mass 2


gn anabolic mass 2gn anabolic mass 2