Khalipa steroids

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    Because Science
    Are The Crossfit Games clean? Science says probably not. Without claiming any particular, inside knowledge, (of which we have plenty), we'll defer to science, and in particular, a peer-reviewed study that examined bodybuilders in the presteroid era, and attempted to put a number on the maximum height/weight ratio that someone could achieve, drug free. What these scientists did, essentially, was examine bodybuilders who trained in the pre-steroid era, look at their physiques, and set a cut-off point at what they'd achieved naturally, using the Fat Free Mass Index (FFMI) formula. Let's take a look at the abstract for that study (you can skip this part too, it amounts to the authors saying that, stastistically speaking, people with an FFMI of 25 or more are probably juicing) :

    Khalipa steroids

    khalipa steroids


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