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We all spend too much time looking outward toward percieved injustice and opression, saying "no" and letting that stand alone as our one creative act. Man should spend his time looking inward searching for self affirmation, the root of all nobility. The proclamation of his morality should not be reaction to an outside sphere of influence, but a proactive measure seeking its opposite only to prove by outcome of civilized debate its own worth. If he must look outward for any other reason let him do so at the empirical universe, and ask why through objective repeatable research.

How can this dude claim that environmentalists don't worship Mother Earth? I am a NWO-despising, constitution-loving, carless (who needs a license, insurance, etc., if you don't own a planet-eating car?)dirt-worshiping tree hugger who doesn't pay taxes, and I worship Mother Earth -- which is why I have made it my number one mission in life to preach the truth that the NUMBER ONE agenda item for our species is to reduce the population of this planet by 90 to 95 percent... you know, to the population we maintained for the first 200,000 years of our existence as humans, when we lived lives of abundance and plenty, in balance and harmony with our fellow Earthlings and our Mother here in Heaven on Earth (not ALMOST Heaven -- Heaven!). While I believe the despicable, evil (and very REAL) New World Order should be the first ones to "go poof," for all their faults, the view that we need to reduce this planet's population is one that I (and a growing number of deep ecologists who have NOTHING to do with the NWO) share. Long live the Georgia Guidestones -- they should be the guiding principles for our generation or there will be no next generation to guide.

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Louis theroux bodybuilding steroids

louis theroux bodybuilding steroids


louis theroux bodybuilding steroidslouis theroux bodybuilding steroidslouis theroux bodybuilding steroidslouis theroux bodybuilding steroidslouis theroux bodybuilding steroids