Pacquiao ped steroids

1. Evander Holyfield (44-10-2, 29 KO’s)
Accomplishments: Managed to father at least 11 children despite suffering from hypo-gonadism (shrunken balls)
Drug of choice: Testosterone/Saizen (HGH)/Glukor (treatment for impotence)
Remarks: Federal documents say Holyfield received packages containing human growth hormones in 2004. The packages were addressed to an “Evan Fields,” but Holyfield’s PED usage could have possibly started in 1988 during his jump up to heavyweight. According to Dr. Margaret Goodman, Holyfield was questioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission about HGH usage following his 1994 loss to Michael Moorer. After the fight Holyfield encountered heart problems that could have been caused by growth hormone usage.

“Mr. Heredia, a former Mexican national discus champion, is a secretive figure on the track circuit who describes himself as a chemist, scientist and nutritionist…He said he used family connections to pharmacies and labs in Mexico to help his business. For years, Mr. Heredia said, he helped clients flout the rules and easily avoided detection. Substances like the human growth hormone and the blood booster erythropoietin or EPO, are still virtually impossible to detect, and it’s still easy to use testosterone with fast acting creams, he said.  ‘You combine all these things – boom! – you get amazing results.’ Mr. Heredia said.”

Pacquiao ped steroids

pacquiao ped steroids


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