Role of intravitreal steroids

On refractive exam, best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) can range from 20/20 to 20/ Visual loss can partly be attributed to a hyperopic shift caused by the anterior displacement of the macular photoreceptors. Folk recorded that patients with CSCR can have minimal afferent pupillary defects and reduced critical flicker-fusion thresholds, both of which are the first to improve with resolution of the CSCR episode. [47] Ophthalmoscopy typically discloses a round or oval serous macular detachment without hemorrhage, with small, yellow sub-retinal deposits in the area of neurosensory detachment. [22] At times, the sub-retinal fluid may contain grey-white serofibrinous exudate. [48] A RPE detachment may be seen on OCT in up to 63% of eyes [49] and if it encircles the detachment, a “halo” may be seen around the detachment. [48] Macular RPE mottling can be found in cases of recurrent or chronic CSCR. Ophthalmoscopy may show a range from mono- or paucifocal RPE lesions with prominent elevation of the neurosensory retina by clear fluid - typical of cases of recent onset - to shallow detachments overlying large patches of irregularly depigmented RPE.

Investigations for Diabetic Retinopathy
If diabetic retinopathy is noted, color photographs of the retina may be taken and FLUORESCEIN ANGIOGRAPHY performed. This involves dilating the pupils and injection of a fluorescent dye into a vein in the arm. Photographs of the retina are taken rapidly as the dye passes through the retinal blood vessels. This test helps in determining if laser photocoagulation treatment is necessary. If treatment is to be done, it helps in identifying what structures and areas need treatment with laser.
OPTICAL COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHY (OCT), which is newer non-invasive diagnostic modality provides a cross-sectional view of the retina and helps in quantifying the amount and type of swelling and guides the treatment.

Role of intravitreal steroids

role of intravitreal steroids


role of intravitreal steroidsrole of intravitreal steroidsrole of intravitreal steroidsrole of intravitreal steroidsrole of intravitreal steroids