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Unlike humans who react to allergens with nasal symptoms, dogs react with skin problems. These problems may range from poor coat texture or length, to itching, scratching, biting, chewing at the feet and constant licking as well as hot spots and self mutilation.  Temaril-P tablets provide long-lasting relief to localized itching and kennel coughs with a 3-way therapeutic effect which covers antipruritic, antitussive and anti-inflammatory agent.  To provide relief of itchy skin and rashes caused by atopic dermatitis veterinarians may prescribe Atopica . This medication carries the active ingredient Cyclosporine, a cyclic polypeptide which targets the cause of the disease providing instant relief to itchy skin and rashes. It is an effective treatment without steroids.  For infected lesions a strong anti-inflammatory and antipruitic action such as GentaSpray is highly effective in controlling canine dermatologic infections.  For dogs with these allergy skin problems a strict flea control regime must be maintained. Ask your veterinarian what treatment best suites your pet and count on Allivet pharmacy to find the best variety of skin allergy medications.

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