Seahawks cornerbacks steroids

Great series! If the Sheldon Richardson trade was an earthquake, the season may be the tsunami that follows. We may have some growing pains at CB but great pressure on the DL helps the secondary out quite a bit. I don’t see many teams capable of putting up 20+ points on the Seahawks this year (maybe the Falcons? maybe Arizona if Palmer is healthy? maybe Green Bay?). And (crosses fingers) if everyone stays healthy on the other side of the ball, Graham may have a monster season. A better run game = better play action results = more opportunities particularly for Graham. I predicted 14-2 but honestly, if there was ever a team to go 19-0, this would be it.

Chris Harris Jr., Broncos: 94 Overall
Aqib Talib, Broncos: 94 Overall
Malcolm Butler, Patriots: 92 Overall
Patrick Peterson, Cardinals: 91 Overall
Richard Sherman, Seahawks: 90 Overall
Josh Norman, Redskins: 90 Overall
Janoris Jenkins, Giants: 89 Overall
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Giants: 89 Overall
Desmond Trufant, Falcons: 89 Overall
Darius Slay, Lions: 89 Overall
. Bouye, Jaguars: 88 Overall
Xavier Rhodes, Vikings: 88 Overall
Brent Grimes, Buccaneers: 88 Overall
Marcus Peters, Chiefs: 88 Overall

Some would say Harris isn't even the best corner on his own team. But when you watch a Broncos game, you’ll see No. 25 everywhere — literally. The former undrafted corner’s versatility is unrivaled in today's NFL, and despite being asked to cover all areas including a ton in the slot, Harris gave up zero touchdowns in 2014. Quarterbacks averaged a rating when throwing into Harris’ coverage — second best in the league behind Vontae Davis — according to PFF , who placed the 26-year-old No. 4 on its Top 101 players last year. 

Seahawks cornerbacks steroids

seahawks cornerbacks steroids


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