Steroids should be legal in sports essay

The bottom line is simple; you desire a better physique, a physique that is strong, lean and hard and you desire products that will lend to these results. Many individuals, year after year continually strive for this end only to find themselves beating their head against the wall simply because they’re missing a piece of the puzzle. Muscle growth requires anabolic activity; increasing strength requires anabolic activity, as do all the goals associated with a better physique. Thankfully the legal steroids alternatives here at provide such anabolic activity and will provide that missing piece of the puzzle you have been searching for.

Richard Pound , chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency and a partner in the Canadian law firm Stikeman Elliott, says: "The use of performance-enhancing drugs is not accidental; it is planned and deliberate with the sole objective of getting an unfair advantage. I don't want my kids, or your kids, or anybody's kids to have to turn themselves into chemical stockpiles just because there are cheaters out there who don't care what they promised when they started to participate. I don't want my kids in the hands of a coach who would encourage, condone or allow the use of drugs among his or her athletes."

The same is true in athletics. These guys are pro athletes. The “pro” stands for “professional.” This is who they are and this is what they do, so why purposefully put a ceiling on their ability to do their job? Because of health risks? You’re telling me that 260-pound men running full force at one another 75 times in an afternoon and risking multiple injuries and concussions is less risky than taking a controlled substance to help your performance? You’re telling me the cocaine that every NBA player of the 1970s was doing is less dangerous than the needle A-Rod shoves in his ass? You’re saying the LSD that Dock Ellis was on while pitching a no-hitter was better than the PEDs that helped Shawne Merriman tackle? That’s some nonsense if you ask me. It’s all dangerous and it’s all part of the risk of being a pro athlete. These guys make millions of dollars for a reason: to do their job in the best possible way. Their bodies are machines, finely tuned to perform at the highest level. Why dis-allow them from using the best premium gasoline?

Steroids should be legal in sports essay

steroids should be legal in sports essay


steroids should be legal in sports essaysteroids should be legal in sports essaysteroids should be legal in sports essaysteroids should be legal in sports essaysteroids should be legal in sports essay