Tennis players on steroids

"When I found Craig's site, I had to take a deep breath because all of the articles hit home. Actually, I almost broke down and cried! For example, I do great in practice but play badly against highly seeded players.

And sometimes my confidence, consistency and concentration would disappear, and I often struggled with what I could do to overcome these feelings that overwhelmed me time and time again.

Prior to purchasing the tennis visualization, my mental game was a train wreck. Whenever I was confronting a tough situation during a match, I found that negative thoughts and bad past experiences would surface and talk me right out of the point.

I'd get angry because I had no idea what to do. I had tried several other mental approaches and programs, and had a little success but I found them too vague and not lasting.

I found that using Craig's Mind Training for Tennis program daily changed all of this for me. While I am only in my third month of mental training, I've had unbelievable success, and I know there is no way I would have had the success I've had without daily exercise feeds positive thoughts, images and calmness to my subconscious on a daily basis, and over the course of time, I've been able to recognize and keep those negative thoughts at bay.

This was a HUGE step for me because now I can recognize the pressure and instead of getting all worked up and losing confidence, I now am much more calmer and think positively.

Mind Training for Tennis is a part of my daily life now - I simply can't go a day without it! The powerful images I visualize, relaxation and hypnotic suggestions are changing my outlook to handling tough tennis matches".
Tom Daria, USA

"Great product - your voice really calmed me and I went on court for my match determined to think confidently about my shots and not let my negative conscious thought take over. Great after sales support as I had problems downloading and saving the file initially".
Michele-Ange Anderson, USA 

Tennis players on steroids

tennis players on steroids


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