Trigger finger steroid injection pain

Trigger finger is one of the most common causes of hand pain in adults. The reported prevalence is roughly 2 percent in the general population, and is more common among women than men in the fifth or sixth decade of life [ 1 ]. It can occur in one or many fingers in each hand and can be bilateral. The prevalence of trigger finger is also higher among patients with diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid arthritis, or conditions that cause systemic deposition of protein such as amyloidosis [ 1,2 ]. Trigger finger is occasionally observed in children [ 1 ]. (See "Mucopolysaccharidoses: Complications", section on 'Carpal tunnel syndrome' .)

Dr. Henley explained what he would be doing during the surgery and was very calming in the pre-surgery visit.  I appreciated the follow up call the next day to check on me, I had a couple of questions and they were easily answered during this call.  My follow up visit was good and I was told not to come back unless I had problems, so that was a good thing.  Staff at his office was friendly and courteous as well.  I appreciated that surgery wasn’t the first thing Dr. Henley suggested, he first injected my finger and waited to see if surgery was needed.  That was just a short fix,about 3 months, but it seems as if the surgery has fixed it.  I’m still sore and have a little tingling, but it seems to be getting better, no more painful finger “lock ups”!   

Often times, Trigger Finger will be persistent because either no rehabilitation efforts were attempted or improper forms of rehabilitation were utilized pre- or post-surgery. In most cases of Trigger Finger, injections and surgery both attempt to cure the disorder by treating the symptoms instead of treating the “Actual Injury”. In the case of Trigger Finger, the actual injury is the adhesion, nodule, and scar tissue buildup on the tendon due to excess strain, overuse, or direct trauma to that specific location on the tendon. Because Trigger Finger and those afflicted with Repetitive Strain Injuries, Cumulative Trauma Disorders, Including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ALL HAVE THE SAME TYPE OF HISTORY (For the most part), this Trigger Finger would be treated in the same manner, through the implementation of a variety of stretching and strengthening exercises to break down adhesions, thin the tendon and create stability.

Trigger finger steroid injection pain

trigger finger steroid injection pain


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