Zyzz steroids thread

He would’ve taken much longer than the 2 years it took him to get there. 2 years should’ve been the minimum amount of time he should’ve stayed natty imho. And then start with MODERATE dosages to get a feeling for the gear. Pro BB are on a shitload of substances, but they have a career that involves being big as shit, Zyzz didn’t (nothing that would’ve made him a Coleman anyhow). Also, Pro BB are superhuman in regard to being able to take so many toxins into their body (though of course they counteract many side effects through yet another substance).

Mastering our muscularity and midsection will go a long way to changing how attractive women find our faces. See, regardless of how large our noses are, we want faces shaped by muscle, not bone or fat. This will build up manly jaw muscles and chisel out our faces, making us appear more masculine, which women find sexually irresistible.( study ) Interestingly enough, the more attractive a woman thinks she is, the more drawn to masculine facial features she is. ( study ) It may not just be how attractive she thinks she is, either, and some studies are showing that greater attractiveness and femininity in women results in a stronger preference for men with masculine faces. ( study )

Zyzz steroids thread

zyzz steroids thread


zyzz steroids threadzyzz steroids threadzyzz steroids threadzyzz steroids threadzyzz steroids thread